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Terms and Conditions

When booking a session, the customer agrees to the following terms and conditions

Last Updated: 10.26.2020


Olgie Studio intends to display and share everything on the website correctly and completely, no rights can be derived from the information placed on this website. Olgie Studio does not accept any liability for any damage resulting from image use of this site, social media, or the use of (image) information provided on this site. Olgie Studio cannot be held liable for material and/or immaterial damage during a session on location or in the studio. The pictures will only be used by the owner, Olga Kazakova. Visitors can view these photos but are not allowed to use them in any way. By using the services of Olgie Studio in whatever sense, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions. 



To book an appointment for a photography session 50% deposit is required. Olgie Studio always sends 2 email confirmations: one as a personal email and the second automated appointment confirmation through Square Appointments. The appointment is only valid once the photographer has sent both confirmations. If the customer does not agree with the terms and conditions, he or she will contact the photographer at least one week before the session takes place.  After the session, Olgie Studio provides small watermarked images via an online gallery. The photos will be placed in an online gallery within 3 weeks after a session day. Once the client has received an online gallery, digital files can then be selected with the photographer or individually. For sessions on location, outside of a studio, travel costs of $ 2.25 per mile will be charged. If you are dissatisfied with something during a session or do not like something, you must immediately share that with the photographer. That gives Olgie Studio a rightful chance to do something else. Complaints about this afterward are considered unfounded. It is not allowed to make recordings during the session or to take pictures with your own telephone and/or camera.



With every session, the client receives a certain amount of images included in their package. The client received small JPEG files, without logo or watermark that can be printed outside of Olgie Studio up to 8 by 10. Larger prints can only be purchased through Olgie Studio online gallery or in person. Additional JPEG files can be ordered up to 6 months after the session. It is not possible to receive the unedited and/or RAW files. 



With each session, a 50% deposit must be made after completing the booking form, this secures your appointment. The remaining balance is due before or the day of the session. Additional digital files and/or products that are ordered after the photoshoot must be paid at the time of the order. Products will only be delivered once payment has been received. Unless stated otherwise, the prices are non-negotiable and exclude travel costs.



Discounts and coupons are not valid in combination with other promotional offers. Gift vouchers are only available through Olgie Studio and are valid up to and including 1 year after the issue date and cannot be exchanged for cash. Gift vouchers cannot be returned. A gift voucher is not transferable. Gift certificates are valid for the photo session or products for which they are issued, as stated on the gift voucher.



In case of illness, it is possible to reschedule an appointment, free of charge at least 24 hours prior to the session. If the customer cancels a booked session, the photographer will apply a retainer as compensation. On occasions when an appointment cannot go ahead due to premature birth or a bad situation of the mother and/or baby, then, of course, no costs are involved and can be transferred to another session upon proper documentation. In case of need to reschedule, within 48 hours no charge will be applied, under 48 hours 25% from the agreed-upon price will be taken out from a retainer. If Olgie Studio cannot fulfill the agreement due to illness, for example, the Client and Photographer will agree upon a rescheduled day and time. If, for example, due to a technical malfunction of the equipment, the appointment cannot go through, Olgie Studio will make another appointment with you free of charge and give you a 10% discount upon the agreed original price of the session only.




Day prior to a session or event Client is required to disclose to the Photographer if anyone in their party has been experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 according to current CDC Guidelines. That questioner extends to anyone living in a household(s) of everyone involved in the session and additional guest(s). The Client must disclose if they have been in contact with a person diagnosed with Covid-19 prior to coming for their session. At the arrival to the studio or location, the Client and their Party must comply with CDC Guideline for Personal protection and Photographer’s temperature check. Olgie Studio reserves the right to refuse service to the whole party even if only one person displays symptoms of Covid-19. If symptoms are observed, the Photographer will provide an option to reschedule if books allow. No Client or their party will be photographed that day and the retainer will remain with Olgie Studio. It is the Customer's responsibility to observe Covid-19 related symptoms to ensure everyone's safety.

Masks or face coverings that cover your nose and mouth must be worn by everyone as they enter studio space or location with exception of children under 2 years of age. Mask and face coverings can be only removed once the Client and their party confirm they have not been exposed or experience any Covid-19 symptoms currently listed on the CDC website. Photographer and Client are not held liable for being exposed to Covid-19 after preventative measures have been made. It is expected from the Photographer and Client to be honest about symptoms and possible exposure. 


Olgie Studio is not liable for any damage that has arisen for the other party. Unless there is a case of gross negligence or intent on the part of the Photographer or persons engaged by her. The liability is, in any case, limited to the invoice amount, or if there is damage or injury, up to the amount of the sum actually paid for the item or treatment.

Olgie Studio is not liable for color balance, photography prints, and other products that are not produced By Olgie Studio. Olgie Studio is not liable for delivering less or less good photos than normal due to unforeseen circumstances that fall outside the influence of the photographer. Think of children who do not cooperate, instructions that are not followed, weather conditions, lateness, missed time, preparation negligence.



The customer is responsible for caused damages to equipment, props, accessories, backgrounds, personal property, and other items provided by the Photographer. Any damages will be fully reimbursed to Photographer financially or replaced with the same or comparable product. It is the Client's responsibility to avoid all possible scenarios that result in damages and distraction of Photographer’s studio's and private property.



You can find the Privacy Statement of Olgie Studio  HERE.

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