About the Artist

I’m so glad you want to get to know me. My name is Olga aka Olgie as you guessed it, I am a creative weirdo. I coo-coo and make silly noises no matter how old you are…I grantee I can make you smile.


I'm about natural and "you" type of photography. I create all of my backdrops, props, and sets to ensure they are unique. It is important for me to put my heart and soul to personalize your session. My focus is on providing genuine and unique photographic and illustrative that are one of the kind awhile evoking a joy seeing yourself and/or your family in their true beauty.

The world of Photography…


After a decade of being behind the camera, I can proudly say I possess a firm knowledge of in-studio, outdoor and event photography. I enjoy evoking real emotions and smiles awhile maintaining a keen eye for detail from the first meeting to the final delivery. My focus is on providing joyful and cheerful experiences that last a lifetime! Each session is carefully tailored to your personal and unique taste. Children and adults always feel a playful and fun environment around me and that is why my clients blossom into their true selves in front of the camera. My weakness is your smile and I will stand on my head if that means I get you to unravel your true beauty.

The creation of personal Illustration….


When it comes to illustrating your event or occasion session, I will discuss your highlights, favorite images, and dreams. Yes, we will be working together! The final illustration is delivered to you alongside with high-resolution scan. It is quite unique and genuine and you are the sole possessor of this gem, a genuine, one of the kind product.

The Prologue….


Olgie Studio was established in 2013 as a developing creative base for personal editorial illustration and portraiture photography and quickly grew into what it is today. At the end of 2018, it has begun its focus on providing genuine and unique photographic and illustration services in Northern Jersey to shortly relocate to a beautiful South-West Florida. 


What else…


   When I’m not photographing and illustrating, I enjoy learning and sharing my expertise with others. I find it important to be able to form communities that advance together and inspire fellow creative individuals. Teaching will always be one of my passions. My favorite hobby is to write and illustrating children’s books for children. I have a strong belief that books today have steered away from a vivid imagination. Overall, I am dedicated to making an impact through my creativity.