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Welcome to Olgie Studio



Well, hello there! My name is Olga it is pleasure to make your acquaintances! You can find me behind the camera of Olgie Studio. I specialize in joyful and love-filled portraiture. My cozy studio is located in Eisenhour part of Lehigh and servicing beautiful families of Southwest Florida including Lehigh Acres, Gateway, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Alva, Olga, Estero, Bonita, and Naples.

I burn with the desire to document beautiful moments and invoke the true beauty of each family member no matter how small. Every family has a story to tell. The best way to tell it is through photos. Whether it is an anticipation of a new member of the family, a celebratory milestone, or a unique moment that you want to remember, let me capture it for you.

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Your Family is growing! Whether it is an old fashion good luck or a difficult journey of fertility treatments, you want to capture that first keepsake moment. So many new parents are overwhelmed after the birth of their child, often resulting in a missed newborn session. Pre-book your session before your child is born, the date can always be changed. Ideally, you want to do your newborn session within the first 10 days. At that stage, your bundle of joy is relaxed and sleepy and you will get the most out of your session. 

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Milestones are fleeting moments. It doesn't happen on schedule as most of us think. So wait until they do, I promise your portraits will be beautiful! Some of the most important milestones for your baby are holding their head up, sitting up on their own, standing awhile holding on, and of course, turning one! After the first birthday, I would recommend doing yearly portraits to commemorate those milestones. You'll cherish them for a long long time!




Who said family portraits have to be plain and boring? Every family has their story to tell, so tell me yours and I will capture that for you. I love bringing elements that reflect your spirit and lifestyle. I am confident that your portraits will be unique and custom to you that tell your story.




You must be filled with feelings of anticipation! Your body has transformed with beautiful curves, your skin is radiant, and you're overjoyed! The ideal time to do a maternity session is between 32 to 36 weeks. Your belly will have a lovely curve. During your session, my focus is on highlight your natural angles, curves, and shapes that are emphasized the most during pregnancy.

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Choosing Olgie Studio


I've been in the portraiture industry for over a decade. My expertise comes from years of following some of the tightest protocols and guidelines that I implement to this day. Here are the few Olgie Studio's practices that make a difference as a professional photography studio.


Oh my, this is a big one for me! Since day one of my career I have put safety first. My backgrounds will always be overly secured, lighting will be heavily weighted, my props are from trusted vendors and go through extended testing, my posing flow will only consist of safe poses, props and space equipment is always locked away, and much more. Items brought in for the session will be examined prior to use for safety. I understand that it could make for a great photo in someone's eye, yet putting someone in danger is not worth it taking a risk. That's what photoshop is for. 


I've always been proud of my germaphobia and being spotlessly clean with my spaces. Studio gets cleaned and sanitized between each session. Props and decor are either washed or disinfected after each use. I wash my hands before each session and use hand sanitizer during a session. Guest will be asked to take their shoes off prior to entering or use shoe covers. If necessary disposable masks are supplied to the guests.  I do not own items that can not be fully cleaned, unsafe to use, or could cause allergic reactions. When not in use studio equipment, props, and decor are stored in closed-off spaces. Items brought in for the session will be cleaned and disinfected prior to use.


Even though every preventative measure is made things could happen. Insurance exists to protect not only the business but most importantly their visitors. In my 12 plus years in the photography industry, I have not had what they call accidents. I was fortunate enough to have learned some of the best safety practices from studios that take pride in their safety protocols. If the day does come, please know, you as a customer are covered.


I personally find continuing education vital in the photography business. I'm not just talking about working on the newest equipment and utilizing new techniques. Safety education is one most important educations I invest in, especially when it comes to newborn photography. There are millions of posing guides out there, yet have you ask yourself if that photograph might have caused injury as a result? I do. The knowledge that I possess aids me in creating a safe environment, equipment skills aid me in creating the best images I can and most importantly capture memories that last a lifetime. 

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